A Transparent Approach by Christian KiwiSaver Scheme

A Transparent Approach by Christian KiwiSaver Scheme

In today’s world, ethical considerations have become increasingly important for investors, and Christian KiwiSaver Scheme stands out as a beacon of transparency and integrity. Our organisation prioritises ethical investment practices and is committed to aligning its investments with its principles. Recently, Mindful Money identified Christian KiwiSaver Scheme‘s portfolio, as having concerns regarding investments in fossil fuels, weapons, and human rights violations. Christian KiwiSaver Scheme does not shy away from the discussion but instead seizes the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to ethical investment and transparency. 

We appreciate the Mindful Money website as a resourceful platform. However, our investment choices are not solely based on their standard for ethical investment. We rely on our in-house expertise and advice from an international corporate governance specialist to make well-informed decisions. As a Christian organization, we prioritise investing in companies that are committed to transitioning to better practices. We firmly believe in a long-term, sustainable approach to transitioning to more ethical and sustainable future.

Christian KiwiSaver Scheme‘s approach is based on dedication to ethical principles. Our organisation regularly monitors its holdings and welcomes feedback from third-party organizations such as Mindful Money to ensure that its investments reflect its values. When ethical concerns are raised, each flagged company is subject to a thorough review, taking into account factors such as environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance. 

Transparency is paramount for Christian KiwiSaver Scheme, and it openly discusses and justifies its investment choices. Whether it decides to divest from problematic stocks or retains them with a plan for improvement, we ensure that our members are fully informed. You can read our full list of investment holdings here, and our Ethical Investment Policy here. By providing clarity on the rationale behind investment decisions, Christian KiwiSaver Scheme empowers members to make ethical choices that align with their values. 

While ethical investment can be complicated, Christian KiwiSaver Scheme serves as a reliable guide and partner for its members. We navigate the complexities of the investment landscape with integrity and transparency, communicating openly, conducting thorough research, and remaining steadfast in its dedication to ethical principles. As a result, Christian KiwiSaver Scheme fosters trust and confidence among its members and contributes to a more ethical and sustainable future.

Care and compassion in action: Christian KiwiSaver Scheme partners with Debtfix

Care and compassion in action: Christian KiwiSaver Scheme partners with Debtfix

In a significant step towards supporting the financial well-being of our members, Christian KiwiSaver Scheme is proud to announce its partnership with Debtfix – an organisation dedicated to reducing debt here in New Zealand.


Debtfix offers managed processes that fix debt and help people control their finances. Our partnership with Debtfix aims to provide our members with valuable resources and, more importantly, allows us to enact our value of care and compassion to those in need.


Debt and budgeting issues have become increasingly prevalent in today’s fast-paced and uncertain economic landscape. Many New Zealanders struggle with mounting debts, loans, and general difficulty in budgeting.


Such financial challenges can have a profound impact on the ability to save for retirement and achieve other long-term financial goals. Recognising these challenges, we have sought to partner with Debtfix to help some of our members who may be experiencing these challenges.

Key Benefits of the Partnership

1. Debt Management Expertise:
Debtfix brings experience and expertise in managing debt which includes working with creditors, banks, finance companies, courts and anyone else on your behalf. You won’t have to worry about dealing with several organisations. Through this collaboration with Debtfix, Christian KiwiSaver Scheme members can access personalised debt support and strategies to reduce their financial burdens.

2. Budgeting:
An essential aspect of achieving financial stability is budgeting. Even if you are not in debt, having a simple budget can help you understand where your money is going – which can help you create and achieve your financial goals. Debtfix offers a budgeting service tailored to each individual’s unique financial situation, helping them better manage their income, expenses, and savings.

3. KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Facilitator:
In this partnership, Debtfix allows us to achieve better outcomes for members who have to make a KiwiSaver withdrawal due to Significant Financial Hardship. Not only will Debtfix help facilitate the withdrawal process, but they will also be able to provide more comprehensive support with their debt and finance expertise for those members experiencing significant financial hardship.

4. Proven experience with real people:
Talking about finances with another person can be a really sensitive and difficult conversation – let alone talking about debt. Debtfix has experience working with people experiencing debt, and they also have some great stories of helping people through their financial challenges and burdens. To have a look at what some of their clients have said about them, take a look at their website: https://www.debtfix.co.nz/what-our-clients-say


This collaboration between Christian KiwiSaver Scheme and Debtfix is an exciting opportunity for us to help our members and put our values into action. We hope this partnership enables our members to take control of their finances, overcome debt challenges, and maximise the potential of their KiwiSaver investments.


Debtfix’s services are absolutely free for Christian KiwiSaver Scheme members. If you are interested in using their service or if you would like to make an inquiry, please email us at info@christiankiwisaver.nz


If you would like more information about Debtfix, please visit their website https://www.debtfix.co.nz/

Get your free retirement planning guide

Get your free retirement planning guide

Have you started thinking about your retirement plan? If you are reading this, congratulations! You might be taking your first small steps to consider what retirement might look like. No matter how far away retirement may feel, getting started is always a good idea, no matter how small the step.


The Financial Services Council (FSC) has recently published its Retirement Planning Guide, a comprehensive resource to help you navigate the path towards a secure retirement. Whether you are just starting your career or nearing retirement age, this guide offers valuable insights and tools to plan your retirement effectively.


The FSC is a non-profit member organisation with a vision to grow the financial confidence and wellbeing of New Zealanders.


While retirement is a significant milestone, it may feel like there is time to put off planning for it until later. Retirement requires careful planning; the earlier you plan for it, the more time you allow yourself to reach your goals. Good retirement planning may mean helping you achieve the lifestyle you want to live without exhausting your savings.


This guide helps you think about retirement planning by outlining two critical considerations: how much to save for retirement and how much you can reasonably spend during your retirement years. It then explains key concepts and provides valuable tools for this planning process.


To view and download the FSC’s Retirement Planning Guide click here.


Please note:

This Retirement Planning Guide is general information only. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the FSC. It is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice and does not take your individual circumstances and financial situation into account. We encourage you to seek assistance from a trusted financial adviser, legal or other professional advice.


The names of any third parties are additional resources that you access at your own risk and the FSC takes no responsibility for any third party content.


The FSC and its employees make no express or implied representations or give any warranties regarding this guide, and we accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by you as a result of any error, omission or misrepresentation in this guide.

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Get your government contribution

Each year, the government offers an incentive (called a government contribution) towards your KiwiSaver account. This contribution is a small step that could help you get closer to your KiwiSaver goals. So, how can you get the maximum government contribution for KiwiSaver?


What is the government contribution?

This is an annual contribution made by the New Zealand government to eligible KiwiSaver members. You are typically eligible for the government contribution if you:

  • are making contributions to your KiwiSaver account,
  •  live mainly in New Zealand,
  • are aged 18 or older; and
  • do not qualify for the retirement benefit.

If you would like more information about eligibility, please click here (this link will direct you to more information on the Inland Revenue website).

You could be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $521.43 per year of government contribution. You need to contribute at least $1,042.86 to your KiwiSaver account per year to receive this amount. You can still receive some government contribution even if you cannot contribute this amount. For every dollar you contribute, the government will contribute 50 cents up to a maximum of $521.43 per year. To illustrate what this may look like, see the table below.


Your personal contributions Money from government
Weekly Annual Annual
Over $20 Over $1,042.86 $521.43 max
$20 $1,042.86 $521.43 max
$15 $781.14 $390.57
$10 $521.43 $260.71
$5 $260.71 $130.35


How do you get the maximum government contribution?

If you are an employee, your contributions will come from your salary. If your contributions from your salary fall short of $1,042.86, then you can make a voluntary contribution towards your KiwiSaver account to receive the maximum government contribution.

If you are self-employed, you can make voluntary contributions towards your KiwiSaver account.

If you want to receive the maximum government contribution, it is essential to know that the government contribution is calculated on a per-year basis (which is measured from 1 July – 30 June). This means you must ensure you have contributed $1,042.86 by 30 June to receive $521.43 in government contributions.

Getting the maximum government contribution is a helpful savings incentive. If you made sure that you received the maximum government contribution each year, you could have received over $5,000 in your KiwiSaver account of free government contributions after ten years (not taking into account any investment returns or losses). The government contribution can help you get closer to reaching your retirement savings goals.

Helping you reach your investment goals

Helping you reach your investment goals

When joining KiwiSaver, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is choosing which fund to invest your KiwiSaver money in. Christian KiwiSaver Scheme has three Funds you can invest in, being Growth, Balanced, and Income. Each of our Funds has different risk profiles. However, did you know you can invest in up to all three of our Funds?


Understanding your investment goals

Before you rethink which of our Funds to invest in, it may be important to understand your investment goals. One reason to consider this is so that you know what your appetite for risk is. For example, depending on your situation, you may prefer to invest more in our Growth Fund, which contains investments the investments industry expects to have more frequent highs and lows but over time the Growth Fund is expected to provide higher returns. Contrastingly, you may prefer a Fund that the industry considers to carry lower risk than the Growth Fund and lower expected long-term returns. Funds with this profile would be the Balanced Fund and the Income Fund for our scheme.

It can be tricky figuring out your appetite for risk, but understanding this is useful to see if your KiwiSaver is working well for you. One tool to help you understand your appetite for risk is the ‘Investor Profiler’ tool on the Sorted website. You can find that here: https://sorted.org.nz/tools/investor-profiler

This tool asks you some simple questions about your approach to your investment. Based on your answers, the tool gives you an idea of what type of investor you are and other helpful information, such as what you could expect from your investment.


This image is a screenshot of example graphs from the results of the Sorted Investor Profiler. The example graphs shown are of $10,000 invested over 25 years with $50 each week. These are based on a range of assumptions and thousands of simulations. Your results will vary.


How can you allocate your KiwiSaver across our Funds?

Have you decided that you would like to allocate portions of your KiwiSaver money across our available Funds? Then all you need to do is fill out a Change of Investment form and email it to us. The form will contain simple instructions to follow. You will also see a table where you can specify the percentage of your KiwiSaver you would like in our Funds available.


This image is an example from our Change of Investment form which shows you the options of where you can allocate your KiwiSaver funds.


Before you do fill out this form, there are just a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that there is at least 10% in any selected Fund.
  • Make sure the percentages you choose to invest in are whole numbers.


To illustrate what we mean by that, here are some examples:

  • You can choose 10% of your KiwiSaver in our Growth Fund and 90% in our Balanced Fund. 
  • You cannot choose to invest only 9% of your KiwiSaver in our Growth Fund and 91% in our Balanced Fund because you need to make sure you invest at least 10% in any selected fund.
  • You cannot choose to invest 10.5% of your KiwiSaver in our Growth Fund and 89.5% in our Balanced Fund because you need to make sure the percentage you choose is a whole number. In this case, you might choose either 10% in the Growth Fund and 90% in the Balanced Fund or 11% in the Growth Fund and 89% in the Balanced Fund.
  • These examples show a 10%/90% split. You can of course choose different splits for example 25%/75%, 50%/50% across two of our Funds, or 10%/20%/70%, 20%/30%/50% across three of our Funds etc.


If you want to change how your KiwiSaver money is allocated across our Funds, please fill in the form here.

Once you have completed the form, please email it to admin@christiankiwisaver.nz.

This is a service that we offer right from the application process to our KiwiSaver Scheme. If you have ever wanted to split your KiwiSaver money across some or all of our Funds, this option may be for you. 

We hope Christian KiwiSaver Scheme continues to help you reach your investment goals.

Kick-starting your children’s finances

Kick-starting your children’s finances

As a voluntary retirement savings scheme, we do not often think about KiwiSaver in relation to our children. However, did you know that you can start a KiwiSaver account for your children?

As a parent or guardian, we always want to make sure we are looking after our children and doing the best that we can to guide them through life. We think that KiwiSaver is a great tool that may offer some good financial benefits for you and your child. Below, we will go through some of these benefits that Christian KiwiSaver Scheme has to offer:


  1. We have no fees for anyone under 18 – we don’t charge any fees for children who have a KiwiSaver account with us.
  2. It is a tool to talk about finance – talking about finance is hard, even for adults. With a KiwiSaver Scheme, you can have the opportunity to have conversations about savings, investments and retirement. You can teach them valuable financial skills and habits they can take with them throughout life.
  3. You can give them a head start to retirement savings – by starting early, you can help start your child’s retirement savings early and help them build a larger nest egg. This may also mean that by the time they are adults, they have already formed good habits around saving for retirement when it is time for them to begin contributing to their KiwiSaver account themselves. There is also the bonus that your child can access their KiwiSaver account in the future to buy their first home.
  4. It shows Christian values put in practice – Christian KiwiSaver Scheme has a strong Christian history. We believe Christian KiwiSaver Scheme invests with your values. As one of the only KiwiSaver Schemes created for Christians, this is a great example to show children how Christian values can be practical in everyday life.
  5. It helps raise awareness about thinking ethically – We are committed to investing ethically as we believe God is active in restoring the world. We have expressed this in our robust ethical investment policy, which you can read here.


Retirement might seem such a long time away to be even thinking about KiwiSaver for your children. However, there are several benefits that you and your child can take advantage of here at Christian KiwiSaver Scheme.

If you are interested in signing up your child to Christian KiwiSaver Scheme, you can do so by reading our Product Disclosure Statement. This document also contains our Under 18 application form, which you must complete and return to us. You can view and download our Product Disclosure Statement here.

If you would like to talk to us, please feel free to contact us.