Christian Kiwisaver Scheme | Ethical at heart

Are you someone to whom Christian values are important?

Are you interested in making a positive difference in the world?

Become a member of a KiwiSaver scheme that reflects Christian values and is founded on ethical and responsible investment principles.

Ethical at heart

Welcome to the first edition of the quarterly newsletter under the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme banner. As you know, in March we relaunched our KiwiSaver scheme with a new name. Underneath the new name, there are three simple words: ethical at heart. We...

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Investment returns

Returns over one, three and five years were all positive. However, in the latest quarter investors were reminded that returns are not always positive. The three-month returns were affected by many things but largely concerns about international trade,...

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Are you missing out on the free KiwiSaver money?

Every year there are some KiwiSaver members, including members of the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme, missing out on receiving the Government’s free KiwiSaver money. That is like flushing money down the drain! The Government paid $697 million, yes that’s $697...

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Membership of the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme is offered only to:

  • employees of organisations whose primary activities are in our opinion Christian mission or ministry. This includes employees of charitable entities associated with or operating in the Christian Church, or employees of entities which we approve as having a Christian special character; and
  • persons who express a Christian faith and have a commitment to Christian community involvement when applying (and their immediate family members and dependants).

The Scheme is offered by The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board (as manager and issuer). The Product Disclosure Statement and Fund Updates are available under Documents.