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A Christian organisation

Our Scheme provides eligible Christians with an opportunity to invest in a KiwiSaver scheme that is founded on ethical investment principles that we believe reflect Christian values, notably our care when dealing with others, our ethical stance and our financial stewardship.

Importantly, even though we make choices based on an ethical policy, we do not make concessions about our performance. We evaluate our investment performance against our peers.

The Christian KiwiSaver Scheme was launched in 2007 under the Koinonia brand and re-named Christian KiwiSaver Scheme in 2018 to align the Scheme with our communities. Our Scheme is for people within New Zealand’s actively Christian community and is open to all Christian denominations.

The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board is the Manager and Trustee of the Scheme. The Board is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up by the Anglican Church originally to provide retirement savings for clergy and employed lay-workers of our Church. It has been doing so since 1972. The Board is held in high regard throughout the Church and has gained a reputation for excellent service and careful investment stewardship over many years.

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