Christian KiwiSaver Scheme

About Us

A Christian organisation

Our Christian KiwiSaver Scheme is for people within New Zealand’s active Christian community and is open to all Christian denominations.

This Scheme sits under the management of The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board (trading as Anglican Financial Care). We are the Manager and Trustee of the Scheme.

Anglican Financial Care is a not-for-profit Christian organisation that was set up in 1972 by the Anglican Church originally to provide retirement savings for clergy and employed lay-workers of our Church. We now provide a wider range of services to the Christian community in New Zealand including mortgage lending, this KiwiSaver scheme and wholesale investment.

We are held in high regard throughout the Church and have gained a reputation for excellent service and careful investment stewardship over many years.

We are blessed to have people serving on our Board and Investment Committee who are committed to the Scheme and to the other retirement schemes and services we offer to the Anglican community and the broader Christian community in New Zealand.

Our people

When you join the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme you’ll find our ethical approach extends beyond just investment choices. Our Scheme is managed and administered by us. We are a not-for-profit Christian organisation and we are dedicated to treating our customers as we would treat ourselves – fairly and justly. When we say ‘ethical at heart’ it’s because we live and breathe ethical business and fair business practice.

When you call us you are likely to speak to Mary, Jo or Sara, who have worked with us or in the industry for many years and they can help you with your questions. They are based at our office in Wellington. You can contact them on 0508 738 473 or email us at


Anglican Financial Care is the governing body. It is responsible for setting strategy, managing risk, monitoring performance and compliance.

The Board consists of eight members. They are a mix of specialist appointments and representatives from Church bodies.

The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 requires that one Board member be a Licensed Independent Trustee. Brendan O’Donovan is the current Licensed Independent Trustee member of the Board.

The current members of our Board are:

The Very Reverend Lawrence Kimberley (Chair) – BCom, ACA, BTheol
Lawrence is the Dean of Christchurch Cathedral and a member of the Christchurch Diocesan Pension Committee. Lawrence was appointed by representatives of the Dioceses in New Zealand and has been on the Board since 2000.

The Reverend Vicki Sykes (Deputy Chair) – LTh, MSocP (Hons), CMInstD
Vicki is self-employed and works as a consultant, supervisor, coach and director on several boards. She was Chief Executive of Friendship House, an ecumenical community and social services agency in Manukau, from 1998 to 2015. She has also worked in education and Anglican parish ministry. Vicki was elected to the Board by the ordained ministers of the General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui in 2016.

The Reverend Canon Isaac Beach BA, MBA – Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu & Ngāti Rangitihi
Isaac has recently ordained to the Diaconate and has a professional background in entrepreneurship. He has experience with investment and capital fundraising to support research, development and the growth across NZ start-up ecosystems. Isaac is a lateral thinker, cares about God’s creation and the sustainable stewardship of Church resources within Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. He serves in Te Pīhopatanga o te Tairāwhiti and was appointed to the Board by representatives of Te Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa in 2020.

Kerry Burridge – BCA, Dip. Banking, MPhil (Hons)
Kerry is an experienced director, senior executive and international consultant who specialises in economic development, banking and finance. She is an independent specialist director on the board of the Bank of the Cook Islands (BCI), a role she has held since October 2013. She has worked extensively with international aid donors throughout the Pacific Island nations. Kerry was appointed to the Board by the Standing Committee of General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui in 2018.

Brendan O’Donovan (Licensed Independent Trustee) – MCom (Hons)
Brendan is a professional director with over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, notably as Chief Economist for the National Bank and Westpac NZ. He is the Chairman of the Co-operative Bank. He is a trustee for a number of superannuation funds, all operating in the mutual or charitable sectors. Brendan was appointed to the Board by the Standing Committee of General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui as the Board’s Licensed Independent Trustee on 1 April 2017.

Tom Ricketts
Tom has worked in the banking industry for the majority of his professional life. He is currently a trustee of the Diocese of Polynesia, Chairman of HFC Bank and director of a number of companies in Fiji. He previously served as Chairman of Telecommunications Fiji Ltd and Deputy Chairman of the Fiji National Provident Fund. Tom was appointed to the Board by the Diocese of Polynesia in 2015.

Hugh Stevens – BSc, BE (Hons), MBA
Hugh has worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years, both in New Zealand and overseas. He is CEO of Smartshares Limited. His investment industry knowledge benefits the Board. Hugh was appointed by the Standing Committee of the General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui and joined the Board in 2015.

David Wallace – MBA, BMus
David is Chief Sales Officer for the New Zealand division of a global financial services firm. He was appointed to the Board by the Standing Committee of the General Synod/Te Hīnota Whānui and has been on the Board since 2012.

Investment Committee

The Board has appointed an Investment Committee to manage the Board’s investments. In many respects, the Investment Committee acts as an external fund manager to the Board.

The Investment Committee is made up of experienced industry professionals who share empathy for the aims of the Church. They work closely with management and oversee compliance with stated policies and limits.

The current members of the Investment Committee are:

Brendan O’Donovan (Chair and Licensed Independent Trustee) – MCom (Hons)
Brendan has a background in financial markets, banking, monetary policy, financial stability and industry analysis. He has also part-owned, developed and been a director of a number of private companies, particularly in the retirement and child-care sectors. Brendan is a professional director and is Chairman of The Co-operative Bank. He was appointed chair of the Investment Committee on 4 September 2019.

Don Baskerville – BSc, AIA
Don is a business consultant with more than 30 years’ experience in the superannuation industry. He is an associate actuary and a member of the Institute of Directors. Don was a member of the Board from 1989 to 2012 and its Chair from 2003 to 2012.

Andrew Johnson – BSc (Math), CFA
Andrew has over 35 years’ experience in the investment and superannuation industries. Currently he is a professional director and independent investment consultant specialising in strategic portfolio management. Prior to this Andrew was employed as Head of Asset Consulting for a global asset manager.

Kevyn Rendell – BA Hons, DipBS
Kevyn is a principal of Gould Steele & Co and has been a stockbroker for more than 35 years. He is a member of The Institute of Financial Professionals and an Authorised Financial Advisor.

Hugh Stevens – BSc, BE (Hons), MBA
Hugh has worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years, both in New Zealand and overseas. He is CEO of Smartshares Limited. Along with Brendan O’Donovan, he is the Board representative on the Committee.

Ross Tanner – MA (Hons)(Canterbury), MPA (Harvard), CFInstD
Ross is a professional director and management consultant.  In recent years he has chaired or served on the boards of Crown entities and companies, as well as private sector companies and charitable trust boards. During his 30 year career in the public service, which culminated in his appointment as Deputy State Services Commissioner, Ross was a Principal in the New Zealand Debt Management Office of The Treasury, working in the US and Euro-financial markets in New York and London. He was appointed to the Investment Committee in December 2019.


The Christian KiwiSaver Scheme is administered by Anglican Financial Care’s staff in Wellington. The Board employs a team of people led by the Chief Executive.

Mark Wilcox (Chief Executive) – BCA, CA, MInstD
Mark is a chartered accountant with more than 20 years’ experience in banking, insurance and finance. He was Chief Financial Officer with The Co-operative Bank (formerly PSIS) from 2008 to 2012 and had a key role in establishing the organisation as a fully-fledged registered bank. Mark’s core strengths are in strategic finance and enterprise risk management, but he also has a passion for servant leadership. Mark is an active member of both Wellington Cathedral of St Paul and Wellington Central Baptist Church. He joined the Board in 2013.

Simon Brodie (Chief Investment Officer) – BCA, CA
Simon joined the Pension Board’s investment team in 2011 and was appointed Chief Investment Officer in 2014. Prior to this Simon worked for Tower Asset Management for 23 years where he was Head of Global Equities, acting Head of Strategy and Chief Investment Officer.

Bruce Dutton (Manager, Superannuation and Trusts) – BA (Math)
Bruce joined the Board in 1994 and has over 35 years’ experience in the superannuation industry. Prior to joining the staff, he worked for Tower for 10 years in its actuarial and superannuation divisions. Bruce manages the administration and compliance team.

Our Scheme’s history

The Christian KiwiSaver Scheme provides eligible Christians with an opportunity to invest in a KiwiSaver scheme that is founded on ethical investment principles that we believe reflect Christian values, notably our care when dealing with others, our ethical stance and our financial stewardship.

Importantly, even though we make choices based on an ethical policy, we do not make concessions about our performance. We evaluate our investment performance against our peers.

This Scheme was established in 2007 shortly after the Government introduced KiwiSaver. We were already managing retirement schemes for the Anglican clergy and employees of religious charitable organisations under a mandate to invest ethically. This mandate and culture naturally flowed into the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme.

Our Scheme was originally under the Koinonia (koy-nohn-ee’-ah) brand. Koinonia was the Anglicisation of a Greek word used in the New Testament of the Bible to describe the relationships within the early Christian church. The essential meaning of koinonia embraces concepts conveyed by the English terms fellowship, association, community, communion, joint participation, and sharing – all attributes that continue to be relevant to our Scheme.

In 2018 the Scheme was renamed Christian KiwiSaver Scheme. As it is a KiwiSaver scheme that is offered only to people within the active Christian community, we felt the new name made this easier to understand and better explained our unique place in the market.