The quarter had another positive performance with both shares and bonds (fixed interest securities) performing strongly in the quarter. Longer term returns are also positive with growth assets (with their higher weighting toward shares) outperforming the more conservative income assets (and their weighting toward bonds). The positive returns continued despite the many uncertainties in the quarter e.g. ongoing US and China trade tensions, talk of US presidential impeachment, Hong Kong riots, Brexit developments and the attack on Saudi oil production.

No doubt some of this uncertainty weighed on investor minds and led to a softening in the growth outlook. Central Banks (Government owned banks but independent) indicated further easing (i.e. lower interest rates), trying to offset the reduced growth outlook.

Despite the many uncertainties the funds continue to achieve good gains. Whilst investor sentiment could affect short term returns we continue to invest (cautiously) focussing on long term performance.

Investment returns at 30 September 2019, before fees and tax:

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