No hidden fees

At Christian KiwiSaver Scheme we’re about transparency and fairness. That’s why you’ll pay just one fixed fee, which covers administration and management costs and all other regular Scheme expenses.

We won’t charge you any extras like performance fees when the Fund returns are particularly good. There are no hidden charges.

No fees will be deducted from the investment earnings allocated to your account for the quarter if you are not aged 18 on the first day of that quarter (i.e. on 1 April, 1 July, 1 October or 1 January, as applicable).

Total annual fund charges

(% of Fund’s net assets value)

Fund Age 18 and over Under age 18
Growth Fund 1.50% 0%
Balanced Fund 1.35% 0%
Income Fund 0.80% 0%

The fees are calculated daily as a percentage of the net asset value in the particular Fund. Fees are deducted from your before-tax investment returns before these are applied to your account. Returns are calculated and allocated to member accounts quarterly. We may from time to time change the amount and type of fees payable.

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