I acknowledge that offers of membership of the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme are restricted as outlined on page 6 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

I confirm that (as applicable):
  • I understand I am eligible to become a member of the Scheme by reason of my employer’s primary activities being (in the opinion of the Scheme’s manager) Christian mission or ministry (but that this may require verifying); and/or
  • I am eligible to become a member of the Scheme by reason of a personal or immediate family commitment to a Christian faith and to Christian community involvement.

  • I consent to receive electronic communications from the Scheme. I understand that statements and other communication materials will be sent by email, unless I request they be sent by post. If no email address is supplied, I understand statements and other communication materials will be sent to my postal address.

    I have received and read a copy of the Scheme’s Product Disclosure Statement. I agree to be bound by the provisions of the Trust Deed and apply to become a member of the Scheme.

    If I am signing this form under Power of Attorney I enclose original certified copies of the Power of Attorney and a certificate of non-revocation. These must be certified and dated within the last three months.

    I acknowledge that if I was referred to the Christian KiwiSaver Scheme through a third party then the manager may pay that third party a commission or fee, provided that the third party has advised me of and obtained my consent to that payment. I agree to any such payment and I acknowledge it will not be deducted from my account balance in the Scheme.

    I confirm that I am authorised to provide the personal details presented and I consent to the information being passed to and checked with the document issuer, official record holder, a credit bureau and authorised third parties (including, but not limited to, the Department of Internal Affairs, NZ Transport Agency, Land Information NZ, Centrix, White Pages, the Dow Jones WatchList and illion) for the purposes of verifying my identity, address and whether or not I am a politically exposed person.

    I understand that my personal information will be collected and held by the manager and used to administer my Scheme membership. I consent to that information being disclosed to other persons, including any government authority, to comply with applicable laws and (if relevant) to information about my Scheme membership being disclosed to any third party through whom I was referred to the Scheme. I acknowledge that I can access or correct my personal information by contacting the manager.

    I acknowledge that choosing an investment fund (or funds) is solely my responsibility, that the manager is not to be regarded as representing or implying that any particular fund (or funds) is (or are) appropriate for my personal circumstances, and that my choice of an investment fund (or funds) is a binding direction from me to the manager.

    I understand that if (or to the extent that) I do not choose an investment fund, my contributions will be automatically invested in the Balanced Fund.

    I acknowledge that the Product Disclosure Statement for the Scheme does not give financial advice and that if I am unsure about choosing an investment strategy I can seek advice from an authorised financial adviser.