There are so many interpretations of what ethical investing is. Now there’s a new way to check out whether a KiwiSaver scheme, and the investment funds it offers, is ethically invested.

It’s Mindful Money and we support them. We like the transparency around where funds are invested. They categorise the investment funds into sectors that research has shown are the main areas of concern for New Zealanders. They advise “We’ve done the research and selected the KiwiSaver funds that are serious about investing responsibly.”  This research included Mindful Money analysing all 260 KiwiSaver funds.

Christian KiwiSaver Scheme’s three investment funds (Income, Balanced and Growth) are among the 23 investment funds that meet Mindful Money’s criteria to be listed on their site. We are also the only KiwiSaver scheme that invests under universally accepted Christian values in addition to applying an ethical investment policy.