Children’s Future | Christian Kiwisaver Scheme

The gift of compound returns

“Do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa.

The earlier you start saving, the better for your long-term savings.

You don’t have to be working to join KiwiSaver – your child/ren or grandchild/ren can join a KiwiSaver scheme, so long as the parents sign the application form for those under age 18 (and one parent co-signs the application form for those aged 16 or 17). This could be the ideal gift for that young person who has outgrown play toys.

By starting saving early you are more likely to get the benefits of compound returns (returns re-invested).

You may be able to use most of your KiwiSaver savings to help you purchase your first home and this is often what younger members, or members with a young family, join us to achieve.

The online application option is not available for applicants under age 18. Please complete the application form at the back of the Product Disclosure Statement.