Here at Christian KiwiSaver Scheme we are so blessed to be able to help families invest in their future. Did you know that you can start up a KiwiSaver for your young ones?

In recent times we’ve had more children join Christian KiwiSaver Scheme and it is very exciting for us! We love knowing we can help empower whānau to think about the finances of their young ones. We don’t charge any fees for anyone under 18 and you can put as little or as much money in as you want.

It’s great to see these children not only starting small, but starting early. Setting up a KiwiSaver with us might begin by putting in the odd one-off deposit but by doing it this early – and with some consistency – you can help children get an exciting head-start in life.

Opening a KiwiSaver with us also enables you to have some very practical conversations with your young ones as they grow older, which you may not otherwise have: 

  • Starting to think responsibly about finances – You may have been in a position yourself where you’ve thought “if only I had started to save for my house earlier”. By setting up a KiwiSaver for young ones early, you can help them on their way to afford their first home later on in life. This can also help form good investment habits and you can start healthy conversations about finance as they grow up.
  • Raising awareness about investing ethically – We’re committed to responsible investing and we have a solid ethical investment policy. This is at the heart of what we do and if you would like to read more click here.
  • Showing that Christian values can be practical – With Christian KiwiSaver Scheme, you can trust that you are signing up with a provider that has a strong Christian history. We want the Church’s mission to be positively expressed in our investment activity. Partnering with us can show your young ones that Christian values can be practical in the real world.

By signing them up to Christian KiwiSaver Scheme and putting in a little deposit on a regular basis, you could be building the foundations of their future.

We would love to support you as you think about Christian KiwiSaver Scheme. Please contact us so we can find out we can help empower you to think about the finances of your loved ones.